Stolen Hours together!

We closed the doors to the pub, the dead of night set in. Cold Autumn wind beating down as the endless rains began to flow. Outside the air was fresh, and the wind held hidden sting, rattling at the window panes to get in, slamming hard the rain against the glass in pure frustration.

The once full restaurant, now lay empty silent in the deadly dark, at peace, the hustle and bustle of the bar now gone, covered over with the pale light of the autumn night. The hive of the kitchen once the nerve center of of the entire building now silent and dead, clean and awaiting the start of a new day.

The customers long since gone, the staff all finished for the night, hand in hand we climbed the stairs and stole some time alone. Just two people, once as friends and now as lovers. In the lounge above the bar, that private space, we lay together, we held each other, we kissed, we talked, to the constant drum beat of the bitter rains upon the window pane.

Laying there, my arms around her, her head upon my chest, the outside world locked out, I have never felt more in-touch with life, yet never so close to drowning. No complications just the simplicity of two people and a bond that somehow flows. The scent of her hair, the dancing light of night caught upon her eye, the warmth of her body, constant contrast to the deathly cold of a world outside.

We kissed, we held, we touched, we talked, we played as the world outside began to sleep we awoke. I don’t know what it was about this time, laying on that sofa, but I could have stayed there forever, just holding her close.

As passions rose, for the first time ever I saw more than just a physical, though my body says yes my mind says no, and I suddenly realised that I want more for her than a few minutes on the sofa upstairs. That things seemed no longer to be as they were, all about the bedroom and not about life.

I slipped my arms back around her and held her close, for the first time in as long as I can remember I felt myself on the verge of sleep, such deep and meaningfull sleep that has avoided me for sometime.

It didn’t seem to matter, anything out in the world, my thoughts, my broken world, the half  finished novel my publisher and friend is raving about and urging completion, everything paled away to those few stolen hours together on the sofa, like the energy shooting down to one strong beam of light filling only the spot we lay, where around us the darkness sits unable to get in.

As time slipped, the call of reality’s pull set in, we both have things to do and places to be, life pulls us apart. As we step out in to the dead of night, slipping back into the real world looking up we saw the pale night sky’s lit now by an immense array of stars, shining down upon us, the wind had stopped and so too the beating rain.


~ by Duma Key on September 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “Stolen Hours together!”

  1. That’s so nice!! 😉


  2. Sometimes you know, you just can’t fight what is meant to be. I like the way you have wrote this, like a story I have become involved in your romance and like any avid reader am staking my claims on the end I want to see.

    Close your mind to the whispers and give it all, advice I know I should take myself but this opportunity seems so close to you right now, you let it pass then you are passing on my hopes too.

    Stepping Stone by Duffy is an awesome song. As is ‘Scared’!!

  3. nothing quite as delicious as a stolen moment is there????

  4. Beautifully written – I especially like the idea of that deep and meaningful sleep. I never really thought of it before, but now I do I realise it really is one of the most amazing things.

  5. Ah, I enjoy reading your writings. This one here makes me feel mushy but let me tell you, it’s a good kind of mushy! In other words, it is just beautiful 🙂 I’m with Lou-lou. I’m placing bets on where this will lead you to in life.

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