People, Freinds and lifes pathway.

People are funny things, often I find myself struggling to understand them, wondering what? why? or how? Everyone is different, everyone unique in there own way, some good some for what ever reason not so good.

I find that people drift in and out of your life at times and points and change things, sometimes those changes are so subtle that you hardly even notice, other times they have a massive impact and point you in another direction or send you spiraling of somewhere that often leads to something new.

I have many friends, most of whom stay friends for life, though no matter how busy, no matter what is going on, that friendship needs to be cultivated and grown, you can not just plant a seed then leave it to grow and expect it to bear fruit, you have to take time to work the soils, water and nature the seedling, keep the ground free from weeds. It is easy to forget the important things and the friendship grows apart, the seedling dies, and you are left wondering why.

Some people drift into life, cross your path and have some major effects, the problem is these effects could be good or they could be bad, either way we end up in pastures new and have to figure things out from there.

When I was younger, I had a teacher that was one of those really unique people, almost like a ray of light that shone in the dark, the very presence of her, of who she was, brought an ambiance of its own, you could not help but be drawn by her. It was her who told me I could write, lacking confidence and a belief in me, an unhappy family home where violence prevailed and love was an alien concept. She saw me and in a way during the short time I knew her, showed me a pathway I would never have followed. I often wonder now what she does, where she is and if she has ever picked up my work, seen my words and known that it was her that opened that door way, her who showed me the way and set spiraling a course I would never have arrived at. The sad part is that she probably will never know just how big an impact she had on my life. She drifted out as quickly as she drifted in, many tears were shed when she left, by virtually all the class.

Then she was gone and life carried on. Years later I tried to look her up, facebook, friends reunited, never any joy, I guess somethings are just not meant to be.

Others have come into my life, some partners that shaped things one in particular that sent me in another direction and left a lot of blackness from which I found my own light. Julie drifted in and has much impact, sprung me from the rut I was in some time back. Then there came the “Dragon” who I know is bad, who sought ways to make things hard for me, but in so doing also showed me mistakes I have made in the past, and spurned a change with in me.

Then there is Abigail. Sweet Abigail, I knew her some time back, it was only a couple of years ago that our paths crossed once again, and I was struck by a sense of amazement at the person she had become. Abigail is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Light surrounds her, even through the darkness that encroached her life, ripped at her very soul, she still stood proud and strong a beacon of hope in a sea of hopelessness. You can not help been struck by Abigail she oozes out in a class of her own, I don’t think she knows how to be mean, or horrible, though by the same respect she is certainly no push over! Abigail is a life changer, a person that will go through life and just her very presence will have a good impact on the life’s she touches, no matter how short. She is one that trusts implicitly and it worries me that darkness will come and pry on her light, feeding itself, filling itself and draining her before her pathways complete. I do not know why the darkness in life seeks such pure and natural life, no matter how much darkness feasts it can never become light, perhaps why it takes delight in draining light, though I fear Abigail will not see the darkness for what it is, especially when it comes disguised as light.

To say that I am in “love” with Abigail, would be far from the mark, she and I until this week were just good friends, though I think somewhere down the line I broke my own cardinal rule and feelings slipped in. For so long I have isolated myself with in me, what the world See’s is often far different from what I see, and feelings, emotion, love are not concepts that I follow. I am a locked room to the outside world, the key to which is long gone. Yet here I am, thoughts of Abigail on my mind, her gentle kiss, her pretty eyes and smile, and I guess even as hard as I have become, her pure and natural light was touched my core, and may be that is the reason she re-entered my life, I just hope that she does not vanish as quickly as she came.

Abigail a pure and natural diamond, though she only See’s herself as coal.

People are strange…..!

~ by Duma Key on August 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “People, Freinds and lifes pathway.”

  1. well as for the people that come into our lives nearly all of them make some small changes in our life..some are able to make big changes whereas some small ones…but they do make a difference..

  2. I’ve had a teacher who shares the same radiant like yours. It was last year, my last in high school. He became more than a teacher. He became a friend, who rescued me when I was deep down in the tunnels of Despair. And after all the conflicts, the savings we grew apart due to my graduation from high school.

    Caine is just like Abigail. The life changer. Ah, I too wonder how at some point in life, someone who was already there turned out to be that one person who knocks your head on Life. And yes, I’ve encountered a few “Dragons” on my way 🙂

    The people who left footprints in our lives, be they good or bad, if it weren’t for them we would have never learnt. People are strange indeed but they definitely make a difference somehow, in their own ways.


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