My view of the world…..!

In response to enreal post , What does the world look like from your view?

Not an easy question to answer, and recent circumstances make once still waters run much deeper, churning up the sands with in.

What does the world look like from my view?  Standing on the cliffs edge of my mind, looking out and down upon the shores of time, the setting sun pales, the yellow/ orange sky line, as darkness falls upon us. Time here now paused for a while.

Looking around as people run, rushing here and there all going some place when in reality going no where. There is much behind and still much more to come, uncharted landscape of the bitter unknown, where time ticks constant, bringing closer by the second the echo’s of deaths footsteps on the  silent winds of time.

I see a world that wraps itself in chaos, that has forgotten what its and from where it came, a people lost in there own ideals falling from the skies of life’s reality, unable to see there own descent, but hanging on for just one second longer, holding on for a dream of the happy ever after, that lucky break, just one more chance, one more pound in the slot machine of life, this time, this time will be my time.

I see a river full of rules, pointless in demise, falling like a great immense waterfall from once pure sky’s of blue, flooding now the plains, consuming all. Rules upon rules, wave after wave, each rule, each wave, necessary now to tell the other what it is, the real purpose of that river runs dry and serves only to mask the rot there in.

I see blackness, with its ever growing need to feed on the weak, the vulnerable and the ever burning presence of hate, deception, hurt and greed. I see the tears of those that with pure hearts struggle through, while the fat cats sit and feed filling belly’s already bloated, already full to bursting.

A social system now consumed by its own greed, fueled out of control, spinning round and round on dangers ledge, mass immense social tools of programing, pumping out volumes of code that long since lost its meaning.

I see the old lady down the road afraid to step outside of her door. I see the lonely suicide notes of the dead and deceased, another never ending pile of bills, pitting life against life, person against person.

The dull, the grey, the mundane, over flowing ash trays, full with stubs of over priced cigarettes, discarded beer cans, empty wine bottles, anything to shut out the pain of living, to escape for a while.

The kind word, and helpful smile replaced now by  gun and knife, as fear sets in to stay. I see killing fields of wars gone by, needless loss of life, blood socked soils of a time before, fore telling of a time to come.

Everything is as it should be, yet nothing really is, when you peal back the lays of the orange skin and see the rot set in.

In a vain attempt at freedom never so much enslaved.

The ancient sound of bird song with in which the very chorus of life exists, the knowledge of times long gone, before the dawn of man. Now replaced by the constant drone of nightmares, screams of the dying undead. A world now so far locked in its own silent nightmare, where success is measured in cash.

I see a meaning that’s lost its own meaning, a world with a purpose now dead. Where by the good and the free have to suffer so the bad and the black can survive. A war between darkness and light.

Through all this madness all this darkness, where shadows dwell and greed consumes, emerging light still forms, little glimmers on the surface of all that is, running the vast race of time. These flickers, these shimmers, that pass us, serve only to remind us of who and what we are, they bring in light that shows us the way, make us pause and ask ourselves are we really who we think we are? are we really what we want. Though the blackness drags, and the light makes its way, the starting blocks now seem a distance and the finish line further away.

~ by Duma Key on August 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “My view of the world…..!”

  1. well nice thought into this one. What I got to say in this that “people do forget what they had started with and where they finally end up”..its all to do with the compromises of the world..but yea world has certainly changed..

  2. It’s unusual for me to think that a man would want to be straight, as in my experience its us woman who want to just get it out all out there and know exactly where we stand. Like you, I find the game playing tedious and I am not very good at it. I guess I just don’t have the patience to sit and try and work out what someone else is feeling. I just want it told to me.

    As to your post, the world is both an amazing and scary thing. We live so differently to our ancestors yet just the same. I guess we just have more awareness now than those before us.

  3. I completely emphasise with you, when you say that there was parts that were good – I too, had good time I am sure, my adopted parents (or Grandparents) were (are) good people, but with so much confusion and uncertainty those good times are contantly overshadowed by the bad. Some very, very bad. It’s true that even as adults we look for a sign from those who did not love or want us, that really they did. But we know, in our hearts that they never did and time cannot change that. Time cannot right wrongs, only make us stand up and say ‘Ok, you took the past, the future is mine for the taking’ that is what I am trying to do now. Your much more advanced than me at that, as I still hold the way I feel about myself, down to how others feel about me, also I have had (trying to get away from) a terrbile problem with both drink and my temper. Its something that I had to look at myself in the mirror and say you can’t blame this on the past, this is you, time to make a change, and I am trying. Though not without failure.

    As for children of my own, now is not the time for me to be thinking about that, I am not ready in my own life, and I too could not bear to make anyone else feel as I have. I thought long and hard about children when something threw my off balance in my early twenties but made a decision that I was not capable of being a mother until I understood my own place in this world. But, and this is a big but, there is a part of me that thinks that one day, when I have travelled a bit more of my journey that maybe just maybe I could reproduce and proce finally to myself that I am not a replica of where I came from. I do think I have the love to give, completely.

    Now look who’s rambled 😉

  4. Your writing is quite profound! I don’t know where to start – all of this is quite true it seems. These conditions you speak of have existed since the beginning of mankind. It is sad that we as people can’t just love for the sake of loving. I read a story this week where saint peter gave a perspective heaven bounder a tour of hell, then of heaven. When visiting hell the bounder saw many hungry people gathering around a bowl of soup holding very long handled spoons. Although the pot of soup was as close as breath, they could not eat because the spoons were too long for them to feed themselves; and they were permitted to only eat with the spoons. When visiting heaven, it was the same situation regarding the spoons; however the people were very full and content. The bounder asked why is it that the people in hell starved; yet those in heave were full. Saint Peter replied because they simply feed each other with the long handled spoons. Food for thought to you my friend. . . . PLL, CordieB.

  5. I don’t know where to begin. Yet I do not know where I would end. You see the world as very few do… with open eyes, a heart which bleeds. You see Life with all its flaws and feel its pain. You see the bittersweet reality… and you can’t turn away … It is simple. It is sadness. This was what I needed to read. I could say more. Thank You

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