She comes as a shadow

She starts as a shadow on my mind, a reflection on the surface, just a dancing movement on the waves of my minds great ocean. She is translucent in style, she has no substance, no breath, no life, more elusive than a ghost.

When I close my eyes she comes to me, ever closer breathing through me, with me, in me. She haunts me in dreams, she calls my name upon the wind, and howls in the moonlit sky’s of the dead of night.  She longs for life.

Searching now in the darkness, questions on my mind who is she, where did she come from, what does she want. I find her in the grave yard of my mind, waiting for me, waiting to be born, she has a story to tell, but her voice is so faint.

Day by day she begins to grow, her shadow fades, her substance becomes more whole, she begins to breath, she has a name. Life comes now in gasps as she draws in air, her voice becomes stronger engaging my mind, her story unfolds.

As words flow, as notes begin to grow, she grows with me, burning midnight oil as through me she flows. Her tears become my tears, her pain, my pain, as inside my mind she becomes I and I become her.

My thoughts are encompassed by her, as I walk down the street, I wonder what she will see, how she views the world, through her eyes, how she thinks and feels. I lend her my body, her movements become mine, her actions my own, her reality overtakes and slips with in the crazy life of light, where truth now holds the doors, and all that once was becomes stripped away, for a while now she is whole, a living breathing person conjured from my mind as her story spews forth on the pages of time.

As the words flow endless, we sit and talk, revise, retouch. Her most intimate secrets become mine, her life has a past, a future an end. She uses my mind, my body and soul to live and to breath so her story is told, though the words that I use are hers and not mine.

Hour upon hour, day upon day, she grows, she talks, she lives and she breaths, but with each passing second time ticks eternal, and her light starts to fade, she is nearing the end. Through the good times and bad times, we shared our own thoughts, through the ups and the downs we have ridden in time.

As the sun begins to rise, her light begins to fade, what was for a while so warm and on fire now sinks, slips down and ceases to be, her story now told, a shadow once more.

As I turn of my laptop, close down the lid, I am sad that’s she’s gone but glad that she came, her story now told, her life now lived, and immortalised in print on my desk.


~ by Duma Key on August 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “She comes as a shadow”

  1. Beautifully put.

  2. I read this aloud… had a bittersweet ring to it… you captured her… she captured you as well… Hauntingly beautiful

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