Blogs and Blogging!

I have been searching around on here, following links to blogs, reading up on the lifes of the people that come here and write, put out there feelings and thoughts on there blogs, as I begin my own small step into this online world of blogging.

I have been wondering what exactly is blogging? How do I know if I am doing it right? but I guess like life, there is no real right or wrong. There are some amazing blogs, some real thought inspiring works, the beauty of which is these are real life’s, real people, trying to figure it all out. I am not sure how I link or give credit yet to another blog, so sorry I will not mention any names, I don’t think it would be fair.

Some blogs are hilariously fun, others deep and meaningful, some complex some light, each with its own style, own grace, I try in the main now to comment on the posts I read, and many I return to in eger anticipation of the next instalment.

For me I have found some real insight into people’s life’s, and the secret thoughts they have, things that often race through my own mind, though I thought I was the only one. I love the fact that each page I visit has the unique style of its author stamped upon it, I love the fact that as I read I begin to get to know these people that I have never seen, nor ever will, that share this place, this plant on which we dwell, indeed sometimes I have even gone away, with concern for the person who’s life I have been able to share, through the power of the Internet.

Each day I work with words, structured written word, and a world that has gone crazy, the power of dreams sits before my eyes, and I have to look at style, at meaning, at depth, a story must have some definition must follow basic principles. Yet Ironically I come here and love so much to read these random blogs, these little posts. A blog for me has no real format, it can be about anything and everything, a passing moment, a day at work, a brief second in a life, a deep and moving time in another life, the annoying old battle axe at the local shop. There needs to be no rules, just a free and creative flow and the eye of the person who writes. Undiscovered talent lays hidden behind rocks, pure raw and natural beauty, just waiting to be discovered, found, cultivated and grown.

The whole Idea that people stop and take time to write something about what is going on, what they think or feel, what is important or annoys them, like a whole array of tiny snap shots, held up in time, a dark night sky where each blog becomes a star that shines so bright. Often when reading, I find myself almost like being stood behind a window looking in at the life of another, the world of another, just a tiny peak, somehow makes what I actually do in real life pale into perspective and I wonder if I am the correct person to judge a dream.

A whole world out there in words so free, they hang upon the air, thoughts, dreams, love and life, juxtaposed with the darker side of things, death, pain, illness suffering, each blog, each person, no less valuable than the one before or after, each page I read, each person I pass like shadows in the night, a fleeting dance, a passing glance, such freedom.

~ by Duma Key on August 21, 2008.

5 Responses to “Blogs and Blogging!”

  1. “Some blogs are hilariously fun, others deep and meaningful, some complex some light, each with its own style, own grace…”

    I agree with you :] Since I stepped into the blogging world, I began to think, who needs airplane tickets to travel the world? I see the world through the eyes of my fellow bloggers and they’re amazing people themselves.

    I love what I see here (being a stranger to you) so I guess I’ll be dropping by more often. Happy blogging!

  2. I blog, therefore, I am….Actually this crap is addicting, and it is really, really hard to not turn it into a personal journal. It’s is so nice to connect with people around the world.
    Peace and happy blogging.

  3. i don’t like the blogging thing by the way, i’ve always thought that to travel the world .. you should travel , i started to write just when i felt to remind myself of what i felt, coz at some point i lost my memory.. can you believe that ??? so i write to see myself, and everytime i finish one piece , i feel something strange, i can’t describe it …
    i have the same concerns just like you … yet i can’t surf over all blog..some people you simply don’t like their writings, their lives, some you do, even if they are using the same words.. i still don’t know why!!!

  4. I think blogging is simply what you make of it and you can’t really do it wrong. Figure out what your intent and goals are and it should lead you down the right path. You can always redirect later if you discover you went in a direction you didn’t want to.

  5. You just seem to be able to write your thoughts in such a beautiful way. I wish I could put into words the thoughts that I have like this – but I am learning all the time. I have learnt so much about life, and then about myself, through blogging. I think it is amazing.

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