It started with a word

It started with a word, just a simple word. That word became a sentence, the sentence a paragraph. Each paragraph built upon its self until a chapter was formed, that chapter became a book, the book was published and the world moved on.

The book became one of many, each unique, each a pinnacle in time, immortalised in the written word for all of time, there for all to view. But the words became complicated, not by the simplicity of what was written, not by the actual definition of the words there in, but by the rules applied to them. The simplicity of art manifested becoming vain and ugly.

Each word had to have more meaning, a definition, a motive for being there, and as such they sat with magnifying glasses and searched adding meaning more and more to each word, applying rules to the subject matter, until the whole world of the word became a world of its own, where by the rules told the words what they were, just in case they forgot.

The original meaning got lost in translation, the story forgotten, taken to a new level by analysis, the book its-self became something else, the story changed, the innocent became corrupted by the stains of definition, the pure river of the conscious thought polluted, the fish began to die.

In searching for meaning in meaning the very life the words tried to create became strangled and squeezed out of existence, till all that was left was the blank inevitability of the nothingness to come. The rules re-wrote the book, the story was lost, the words became more than they were, the world moved on, and on and on, the book forgotten on the shelf having now been defined as a book.

It started with a word a simple word, and became a whole world of its own, the beauty and innocence of the words lost there own beauty and style, corrupted through time, the story once told, became another until so dilute it was lost in its meaning.

It all started with only a word.


~ by Duma Key on August 19, 2008.

One Response to “It started with a word”

  1. I have read a few posts on your blog since I came across it after you commented on mine (thanks, by the way!), and I have to say you really have a way with words. So many issues are addressed by your posts that I think I will have to re-read them sometime. I will keep reading!

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