Proud to be British…?

I was in France a couple of weeks ago, feels like an age now. I speak only very little French enough to get the basics but not enough to have a conversation. I found myself avoiding places where I knew the English would be, indeed I was laid by the pool when a British family came over and asked if I was English.  Even though I knew what they were asking, and where they would head with this, I answered in Spanish making out that I did not speak English!

It seemed rather an odd thing to do, but I felt uncomfortable actually been recognised as English, I dont feel the slightest bit proud to be British, indeed in some ways I feel ashamed!

The French, The Spanish, the Italians etc are proud to be French, Spanish and Italian, proud of there nation, proud of who they are. Returning back to England it struck me how few people I know that are in fact proud to be British.

I avoided while in France the nominal British, who sought each other out, instead vested my time in France, in seeing the real France the culture the style and the people. The French are a proud nation, and when the government does something the people deem unacceptable they let them know.

The Spanish are the same, they are proud of there culture there country, looking round in the UK I find so little as a working person to feel proud of.

We have ever changing laws, where “Christmas” is a word of the past, Baa Baa Black Sheep is out law-ed, we have the working people, the decent people who are the back bone of this country struggling day in day out to make ends meet, to pay there bills. Around me as the credit crunch bites I see people pulling in what precious income they have to cover rising costs, suffering in silence, unable to afford simple dental treatments because the suffer the crime of being workers. I see a government that has become so lost that it is abstract from reality, dealing with the trivial while the people starve.

I see a tax system that is unfair, unjust and over bearing on the people that can ill afford it, I see government agency’s forcing decent honest hard working family’s deeper and deeper in to poverty, and adding the icing on the cake issuing fines like sweets from a candy store.

I see less and less local law enforcement where it matters and more and more where the money lays, the modern day Robin Hood, now takes from the middle class and gives to the rich, those that refuse to work and those who come from someplace else.

A British working citizen is the walking cash machine to furnish house’s for the rich, those appointed to run the country, they are not allowed to express there British identity, or views.

I see more and more on the TV the rising cost of living and more and more rubbish from the people that have the power to make the life’s of its working population better, I see increased tax for people that already struggle, and crazy crack pot ideas from a PM who seems to have lost touch with any form of reality.

The Rich don’t need help, those who make a career out of benefits do not need help, its the people in the middle caught in the trap of never ending depression, those who work and work to have there income stripped away, those who do a little extra so the government can increase its cut. The people who can see the goal posts but never reach them, these are the people, the vast majority of the population who need the help, who need the cash.

I see increased tax, more and more fines, stupid laws to make more money. Freedom stripped away, poverty lays not in the gutter these days but in the middle class housing estates the people who just want to earn an honest living, but get stung either way.

I see gangs build up in areas, a problem may I add actually caused by the pressures the government pile on the family to go out and work, where children from middle income households unable to obtain enough cash to pay for childcare, are farmed out to relatives, the whole family model breaks down. Food is fast and rushed no longer as in France or Spain a family event where communication prevails, but a chore that if the Government could rid its people of it would, precious working time wasted, all those tax pounds down the drain!

Britain for me a worker since 16, a person who payed there own way though school, and university, who has held down often at times 2 / 3 jobs to make ends meet, is nothing more than a joke. We have a culture that falls apart around our ears a tax system that is over bearing and over zealous taking from those that can ill-afford to give to those that can afford, there is a forgotten people on the poverty line that go out to work and are worse off, unseen unheard and uncared for by a government I often wonder if is living in the same country!!

So am I proud to be British, with its broken promises, with a political system that lies, and covers up its own cons, with its over bearing tax system that pays out less and less, with its diminishing resources, its destruction of all the things that once was, its fines, its silly stupid nonsense laws?

No I am not….ask yourselves how many people you know that are proud to be British as I struggle to find one!


~ by Duma Key on August 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Proud to be British…?”

  1. I lived in the Middle-East for a while.. You can find a lot of English people over there.. They were all speaking English.. Non of them could even understand a word of Arabic .. (Not even people who lived there already for over 20 years..).. I think that’s a bit of a shame? I was there for a few months and I made it my job to understand basic sentences in Arabic like greetings and stuff..

  2. Robin Hood – Season 2 The New Robin Hood is fun and innovative. I was always excited to watch this series show! Highly Recommened!!!

  3. “People who make under $80,000 are too stupid to understand taxes anyway”
    -John McCain

  4. @dumakey: I would be very proud to be British, cause I really love Great Bretain’s style, language (english), and culture. I am Italian, and I absolutely hate Italy…

  5. Italy is a great place, I love the culture and history, though I guess it is easy to say this having only ever been a tourist there!
    Briatin looses its identity these days, and is becoming more and more alien to its own culture, the working people are forgotten, the government has gone insane, or at least has drifted of to some other planet, and all seems to be fines, fines and more fines now the half wits that run the show have run out of things to tax!

  6. @dumakey: beh, I know that there are negative sides about Bretain, but I continue to love it. 🙂 and I continue also to hate Italy. Eheh… BTW, it is true… It is easy to say good things only being a tourist… 😛

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