Lables and Life, Beans and Sausages!

I bought a tin of beans. I planned to have them for lunch.

I picked them from the rack, all lines of tins the same sitting in orderly equal rows. Each product identified by the label, telling the outside what sits with in. Each item with a price.

I followed the rules, took the beans, placed them in my basket. Joined the Que at the check out. I paid and left tin of beans with in my bag.

I opened my tin once home, to find not beans but sausages.

The label clearly said beans, denoted what it was, yet my eyes beheld sausages? Could I be wrong, had I mistook sausage for beans for all these years? Its say on the outside what it is on the inside. How can it now be something else?

Rows and rows of tins lined that shelf, do they all contain sausages and not beans? where are the beans are they now in a tin marked sausages? or a  tin marked fruit? could there be endless possibility’s of things here and there all inside tins that denote something else?

Or then again may be I am confused, may be what I thought was beans, is indeed what I thought was sausages? May be nothing is what I thought? I have no real way of knowing when even the labels are wrong?

Just because its says beans on the label does that mean the sausages are beans? the label tells me they are? The outside reflects giving shape and definition to the inside? so they inside must be what it says or the rules do not work. The rules we use, indeed need to live our lives against.

When the rules don’t work what is left? A supermarket lucky dip where you never know what it is you buy, any tin could contain any product you just don’t know. Instead what you have from the boring mundane is a whole great tapestry, a mystery where each and every item could be anything, its not until you open that tin get to know what is inside that you really know the tin, whats with in. Is that not the point to life? A mish mash of tins, all containing deep secrets of the unknown each holding hidden value, pure and natural light where labels on the outside matter not, its what lays with in that is important?

Yet still the supermarkets persist in sticking labels on the tins, denoting what is what, buy what it says on the outside, taming the free to fit the label of its place on the isles of life, the exciting becomes mundane and the sausages labeled as beans, become forgotten lost, once discovered are placed as freaks, returned back to the shop, sent to the rubbish heap as if they were nothing.

The contents of the tin now worries that the label on the outside fits what is with in, indeed my sausages tried so hard to be beans so that I would not return them, place them as defects, and not appreciate the beauty of what lay with in, for its own sake, and not that of the missing beans, if indeed the beans are missing at all.

Beans, sausages, labels and cans, if the order of the supermarket isle wasn’t that important, but the content of the item more, would it really matter?

~ by Duma Key on August 12, 2008.

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