My head is pounding, my throat is sore and sleep last night was as elusive as luck, in short though sat at work I feel awful today.

I am bound to be here, to stay the course of the day, having had just over two weeks away, I know I can not leave, bound once again by more pointless rules, of what is right and what is wrong. I need to sleep but I can not.

Once again it rains.

Abi is coming over for dinner this evening, in a moment of madness yesterday I agreed to cook, not quite sure how the original plan for a night out in the town on Saturday spun round to a night in this evening, with me cooking dinner.

I need to finish of the piles of washing that remain from my holiday, half of which I have not even worn but the stagnate state of laying in case takes the freshness out and I can not stand my clothes not being fresh.

I spoke with Julie yesterday, she seems a lot brighter and things with her and this “Boyfriend” are all good again, sadly will not last the next girl who comes along he will be off again, for an intelligent girl she is often quite blind, and I quite pessimistic.

At least it is Friday, even if the rain pours in once more.


~ by Duma Key on August 8, 2008.

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  1. Thanks for the advice : )

    Indeed it is hard (weird really) to change from “being friends” to “being lovers” .. So.. I don’t want anything to go wrong I guess!

    I hope you get well soon! Being sick now at this time of the year really sucks!

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