A long day

Its been a long day today, a day for faulse smiles and never ending pretence, having to be who I am not takes a toll. I am unable to connect on my laptop and so am using a french computor and the keys are all in the wrong place typing is hard. So to is grammer though I never value written word by grammer, just buy what is written there are to many rules in life with out over complicating art.

I found today what is missing from my work, she still sits as a shade in my mind, not yet a real person.

I was on the ferry from Dover to Calias, resting my leg upon a stool, when some kind of self appointed moral gaurdian pounced out upon me, shouting Oi….. and gesturing to my leg, hardly beleiving what I heard, I choose to ignore. To then be confrounted by this rather rude little women who demanded I took my leg down, and asked why I act as though I do not understand. These self appointed moral gaurdians, do gooders that hold the key to the fackness they portray annoy me somewhat. I later watched her shove some poor old lady out of her way as she wanted to get passed.

It was in this moment that the final stages of my work jumped out upon my mind. That is what I was missing, I needed that balance to set the words of the final peice right.

This keypad is annoying me now, nothing is where it should be

I need to work more, to clean up, weed out, and place my self appointed moral gaurdian with the ethics on the inside of a rather bitter nasty, snake despite the outlay she trys in vain to portay, with in balance of what I seek.

Sad lady on the ferry, though I dislike you, I thank you for showing me the way, and with out knowing lay imortalised in the last good bye.


~ by Duma Key on July 18, 2008.

One Response to “A long day”

  1. Seems like a tough day.. Having to play a role all day is hard .. I can relate 🙂 x

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