Internet and Blogs….wires and cables connect…..!

Wires and cables connect a world that sits in silence, the art of spoken words forgotten, now they hang like a mist in the air, an unspoken haze of life’s forgotten promise, like so many other things that vast unending chorus remains unsung, unlived, unheard.

We sit often now behind our screens and type away in blogs, in chat rooms, in forums of time, our deepest darkest secrets that what and how of who we are. We talk to passing strangers like a long forgotten friend in ways that in our real life’s we simply do not do.

We pass the time of day with more than the perpetually flowering cliche that so predominates the real time world in which we live. Through wires and cables that connect us we tap away behind our screens and create our real time world, where possibility is endless and we can be ourselves.

I find myself indeed inside this world, where by I write my thoughts, and speak the words that so often remain unspoken in the real world. I find myself drawn to others that I have never met nor ever will, gaining interest in there life’s, there daily toils and troubles. I find myself asking questions, looking at my life building up my thoughts, placing outside of me the things that around me no one knows. I speak deeper to the people I have never met from behind my screen than I do to my closets friend’s.

The sad part is that if we stood side by side in a world with out wires, with out cables outside of the safety of the Internet, we would never speak. I would never share your tears nor you mine. I would never know your heartbreak or your pain, the things you see and think, nor you I. Our words would remain unspoken hanging like a mist in the air of our minds eye, lost for all of time. The only words we would exchange if any would be the customary hello, or passing smile.

I know many people, have shared with many people via the Internet my life, they know me deeper than my closest friends indeed my closest lovers passed, yet standing side by side we would be strangers, the laughs we shared remaining unlaughed the troubles we have shared remaining unsung, simply two strangers side by side, two worlds so far apart.

The medium of the Internet gives power for what we seek, a voice to the voice of silence where judgment never passes, we learn here to create and carve a world that becomes our own, we hook up each from one place and join upon another standing side by side no longer strangers in the night be deeper closer Friends.

Our words cry out, our thoughts prevail, our voice is heard by others, though we sit in a world of silence we speak a thousand words.

The wires and cables connect us, join us in this maze of light, we bounce, we seak, we speak, freedom prevails, that with in a real time world does not. In one place we loose our way in another we find it. Even the insignificant becomes significant here, the little things so oft forgotten are recalled and remembered, consistency matters.

Somewhere in the real world we loose our voice, our sight our sound, inside the Internet we find these things our way. Do we know our neighbours as well as on-line friends of whom we have never met? Would we rush to help a passing stranger in the street and sooth away there tears the way we do on-line? Would we whisper words of comfort in times of need to those we know not? they way we do on-line? Do we share our lives our thoughts with those closest to us the way we do on-line?

These wire and cables connect us through the medium of the net, they take and bind us on a deeper level than the ties of life, its strange just how easily we seek out the comfort of others, how easily we seek to get to know to bond with those around yet next door they sit lonely, and we never talk, not really talk.

~ by Duma Key on July 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Internet and Blogs….wires and cables connect…..!”

  1. Nice thought.. I’ve been pondering it myself lately. I think the internet and the world of blogging added something significant to our lives: the ability to define ourselves and present ourselves carefully and as we wish to the world; a new life, a new image; what we really want to be, and how we would like to be perceived. But most importantly, a chance to put our thoughts out there, to get things out of our system, and to look at them from a distance, and have the power to go over them again and again and learn from our ‘archives’ and past experiences, without the pressure of seeing the immediate effect among our closest friends. Indeed it can lead to less and less communication with the real world, but it can also play an important therapeutic role, not to mention the magical role of bringing about change in some distant corner of the world, while you’re simply sitting in front of your screen, blogging away.

  2. “not to mention the magical role of bringing about change in some distant corner of the world, while you’re simply sitting in front of your screen, blogging away.”
    I like that idea very much, In ways I agree. We also have this medium where by we can confirm ourselves, I have read some great blogs, your’s been on of note, its nice to see some of the things I think also show in what others think!

  3. It’s nice indeed. That’s why I find your blog interesting. And thanks a lot I’m flattered 🙂

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