What do you do…..?

When you want something more than the world, when it’s there but so far from your grasp, what do you do?

When you know deep inside this is the only way, pure desperation to break free from the ties that bind. When every day you awake screaming inside, when the whole world is wrong, its all upside down, nothing is as it should be, everything is wrong.


When you carry inside you a burning desire for something else, when you know there is nothing you can do when your trapped in a hole, locked in the corner, when there’s no escape.


When the rules that are there, dictate its all wrong, but you feel so different inside when they say its impossible, but your sense’s scream out when the worlds not all that it seems.

When every day becomes a nightmare a passion fuels up inside, When you know that it is impossible yet so close but never so far away. When you can feel what you want at your fingers, just outside of your grasp, when your chasing your own shadow and the lights all become dim, when you know that you’ll never catch it but hang on just in case you do.


When every day is an uphill struggle just to stay sane and remain, when you’re chasing an impossible dream, the key to your own soul. When you know what the light is you seek, but with your own voice you cant speak, when everything crumbles around you and you’re lost with internal embrace.

When you close your eyes tight shut, and hold on to the dream that’s with in, when you see what you see to begin with, when you know what the key to door is but just know you can’t make it fit.


When you try to slip back with in what is expected, when you pretend to be normal and stable when you pretend that the worlds as it is. When you dampen down fires from with in and clutch on to the thread that remains, when every one tells you its normal yet you know from with in that its not.

When you put on that smile and that armour, when you sport your best to fit in, when you know deep inside its not normal, when you know all along who you are. How do you answer the question when words will not let you in, when everything’s broken and falling when all you do is hold on?

Every morning you wake all alone, every day you pretend that it works, when inside you falling apart, when the world tells you what’s normal, but deep inside you know its unnatural.


How do you find all the answers, how do you know what is right? When you buried yourself for so long, and hidden away what is true, when you’re pretending to stand when you’re falling, pretending to laugh when you cry. When that burning fire deep inside you wont seem to die down and depart, when there is nothing left to try.


When you cant speak of what your feeling, when you cant tell the world what is wrong, when you suffer alone and so lonely, in a world that knows not what it sees. When you trapped in a room full of strangers, walking the path that’s so wrong, when your choice was never given when what is right is also so wrong.


How do you hold on when there is nothing you can do? How do you stop what is you when you cannot break free? How do you live with this secret in a world that’s lost and so gone, when you’re living your life as a stranger, and there is nothing you can do?


What do you do?




~ by Duma Key on July 11, 2008.

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