Friday comes………..!

The hours of Friday morning slip slowly passed giving way to Friday afternoon with ease and the weekend advances, where corporate image is placed on hold and sweet release permitted from the bondage of modern life, though always ever present is the lingering shadow of Monday, but for now a blimp on the horizons of time looming ever closer with each passing hour.

When I set of for work  this morning the sun was shining through, and for the first time in a while I felt the warmth of contentment, though as I drove closer to the office the clouds began to form and that warmth I felt paved the way to the icy exactness of another cold day.

Now the rain has set in, thunder rumbles over head, the picture from my window is a grey and darkened world, drab, uneventful, dull, speckled by sweet daylights tears that flow from weeping sky’s, the world is sad today.

I have the parents over tomorrow, intruding on my precious weekend time, I hope they wont stay too long, I have many things to do and little time in which to do them. I have further preparations for this trip away which now lingers ever closer, a holiday of sorts with two strangers, my parents!

Julie once again is in a mess, secret messages from the boyfriends phone, another women on the go, it was only the other day she told me all was well. Sometimes I hate to be right about such things. How she can live with out trust I know not, with out trust and respect the relationship is null and void, ever watching ever wondering even the innocent becomes a secret mission. As her friend all I can do is be there, what I think for her is right may not be what is best for her, besides she will only slip back there when she thinks the worlds forgot, how small our memory seems to be when false love is on the plate.

Abi and I were to party this weekend, but once again us working people have no money and so we have had to drop our plans in favour of future day we know will never come. It annoys me that I work for governments and others to take my money and give me little back. I see them day by day wasting the money I and many others so vitally need to survive. When did I become a slave to moneys call? I hate this hold it has on me, the evil curse it has that wrangles its way deep in, entwines its self around you, holds you down. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, that’s the way that modern society works. The greed of man is so prevailing, so dominant, that they will drive and push and kill to fill this greed, this urgent need for more and more, it seems to me stupid when there is more than enough to go around why should some have plenty and others none? At the end of it all, we die anyway so whats the point in hoarding more than you could ever possibly need? What use will it be when you are gone?

Next Friday I make this trip with the Strangers who go by the name of parents, I hold no excitement or dread, I just let time advance. I know this will be hard though, I wont let it show. I wonder why we do that? I am the king of this! I can carry on like things don’t bother me yet inside I scream and cry! I speak the words people want to hear not the words that are, I play my part with in this game off life, though often with baited breath!

The rain still pours, my life ticks on the weekend ever closer at 5 O’clock I slip from my corporate straight jacket and gain a little borrowed time, till Monday mornings call, is this all that life has to offer?

~ by Duma Key on July 11, 2008.

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