Getting it right….

How do we  know if we are getting it right? We begin our journey on this pathway of life with little more than just our random thoughts; we must learn and learn fast to advance, to survive.

From the moment we begin upon this journey the sands of time begin to slip away, silently the unwatched clock begins to tick and second by second life’s blood slides further and further from our grasp. When all is stripped back to nothingness infinity becomes finite the only certainty we have is the uncertainty of the certainty of that which is to come, all that matters is getting it right in this journey of life.

The easy things are the tools we need to survive, a grasp of language, the satisfaction of basic human need, to eat, to sleep, to drink. Armed only with these tools of survival we advance on our future.

Its not like we can rewind the tape and go back to the beginning, we only have one way and that is forward, every wasted second every wasted hour, week or day, remains a wasted day lost in the tides of times great ocean, swept away to remain for ever lost out at sea. It’s this realisation that I face now.

It is here on these shores that I now find myself, swept away by times pull wondering just how to get it right.

People like relationships come and go, they bring something to our lives, sometimes good sometimes bad, but even when we think its bad, we can still draw good from it. To advance on this journey of life to try and get it right, we have to stop take stock and listen for the heart beat of life itself, follow the call of nature with in, dance the dance to the tune of time.

Its easy to become confused, lost in the noise that surrounds us every day the chaos of nothingness, swilling in the waters of false hope chasing a the pot of gold in a life that merely brushes over the surface of living.

Its not easy trying to get it right on this journey of life all we can do is try, try to get it right to to find out who we are and follow or hearts, follow the call of time, listen to the heartbeat of life let it guide us, find us direct us.

Each passing day we must try to learn the lessons of the past, yesterday holds the key to tomorrow, to the happiness of what is to come. We have to break free from false hope, let go of the things that do not matter and hold on to the things that do, those shared moments we hold, those random acts of kindness, that smile from a passing stranger on a cold lonely day can do much more than that a thousand words with out meaning from an empathetical soul.

Find value where value is, love where love is and stand the test of time. Never give up on yourself never stop trying, even when destiny’s cards conspire with fate and luck has gone on vacation. It is from the blackness that light will come, the light of who you are.

How do we know if we are getting it right, we don’t, but all we can do is try, with an open heart and honest hand stand strong, make each decision with the knowledge of what went before, make each mistake count for what is to come, follow the pathway of self on this journey of life.


~ by Duma Key on July 8, 2008.

One Response to “Getting it right….”

  1. You speak wise words O Mighty one .. : )

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