If you could trade a life…..

If only we could buy and trade life’s like commodities on the stock markets, if you could swop and change what you have for that of another, would you really take that option? Would you buy in to the dream that the grass is always greener?

Imagine how easy it would be to say enough is enough and buy another life? Taste and see life though the eyes of another? Would you really be willing to give up your own life, to cash it in and pick up that of another. Could you find happiness this way?

I saw the other week an article about a person who sold there life on e-bay, I was fascinated with the very idea of a life for sale. How does one value a life? What are the key selling points? whats it all about?

If I could buy another life, I think with both hands I would seize the chance, see if the grass is greener on the other side, may be exchanging one set of problems for another, but anything has to be better than being me at the moment!

How did we get in this position where by we can trade a life over the Internet? One person can buy the life of another for a sum of money, what happens to the life that bought the life of another? Do we now have another life for sale? or a vacated life that sits empty.

Can we really put a financial value on life? On our own life’s? How much is your life worth? how do you value it. Is this the start of a new trend? What next a buy one get on free from Tesco? Used life dealerships pop in with your old life and trade it in for another. Can we really walk away from the mistakes of the past by trading in our life’s?

A fieldfull of cows, each cow is owned by another. How did this happen, how can one person own another life? Yet here we have it each one of those animals is owned by another. If I am hungry I can not go and take one of those cows to feed myself to feed others, since these cows once a free gift from Nature now owned possessed there fate in the hands of another.

We say we value freedom, but how free are we? when our lives can be traded on the Internet. We think ourselves unique the top of the chain, yet just how unique are we? When we are nothing more than cattle in a field, our lives our destiny’s are owned by that of another. We live under the illusion of freedom, but we are not free. We have built a system based upon an image of freedom, we chase a myth.

So if you could trade your life on the Internet for that of another would you really do it? Could you really achieve what you wanted to achieve? Or instead are we simply cattle in a field already owned by another?


~ by Duma Key on July 7, 2008.

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